What's this all about?

If this is your first time, you should go over all of the features below, to get a better understanding of how this site works


Skill based tournaments

How good are you really?
Join a tournament
(modes: Top Position, Most Kills or Damage)
Bet on yourself, play 3 games in PUBG
Do your best to win / get a lot of kills
The top 10 winners get prizes up to $50
There is no limit, participate once in a while, or as often as you want

Chances to win

Big chances for skilled players

Entry fee for a tournament is $1
You can win up to $50 by playing only 3 games
Chances to win a prize are 1 to 10
(places 6-10 win $1 back)

Custom Skill based matchmaking

Play against players like you

The more you participate in tournaments,
the better our system will work in your favor
You will be matched with players like yourself for higher chances to win


Collect prize money

We offer a quick way to withdraw your winnings
Once you win your first tournament
You can submit a request to withdrawals department for processing,
or keep playing to win larger prizes