Reactiq PUBG Blog

Posted on 24/12/2019

Some people do not believe that we are paying. They think it's all fake. Even despite the fact that we try to make our platform as transparent as possible. To get all the doubts cleared, we’ve decided to show you how it works using an example of one of our players with the nickname APOSIMZ.

Posted on 17/12/2019

PUBG creator Brendan Greene has definitely been busy during the last few months working on his new project called Prologue. Unfortunately, only the barest of details are available including the game's name and an extremely short 30-second trailer.

Posted on 15/12/2019

Earning money on PUBG is not as difficult as it may seem. Actually, it's even natural: once you become a really good player you start thinking about making some cash on it. Check out how you can monetize your gaming skills.

Posted on 25/11/2019

Streamers got used to hearing questions like: “How to become a streamer like you?”, “Do you have any secret?”, “Hey,I need your advice”. After receiving hundreds of similar questions, Anssi “AndyPyro” Huovinen, a Finnish PUBG streamer, has decided to give everyone one simple advice.