pubg play with friend

Slavis13x is a Russian player, a girl actually. She joined our platform thanks to her friend's invitation and just in a week's time, received her first $30. Whereas her friend is still saving... Oops!

"Chicken dinner" from a friend

As you probably know, our "Invite your friends" program is still active. According to its rules, any registered user gets $1 when he refers a friend. It's allowed to invite up to 10 friends. 

This is exactly how Slavis13x signed up to our platform and received her $1 reward. And due to the reason that it's not allowed to use a bonus anyhow — except for playing, the girl invested her prize into a paid tournament. It is clearly seen in the screenshot below.

PUBG with friends

So, here's how it was.

  • Slavis13x got the promotion credit on February 6.
  • Used the money to participate in a paid contest on February 10.
  • 5 days later she was deposited with $30 for winning a competition.

We could call it a perfect case, really. 

Small tip: How to choose a tournament

When you enter a tournament on our website, the system assigns you to the most "stuffed" competition. But it's still better to check in advance what kind of tourneys finish more often. For example, currently PUBG Survivor contests are among the most popular ones. It means that there's a bigger chance that they will be completed sooner.

However, this tip is for consideration only. It's always up to you what to play.