making money on playing games

Last week we discovered that one of our users made $0.8 on every game he played.

Today we're taking a look at a Canadian player who makes about $1.5 on every PUBG tournament meaning that he is twice as effective. And here's why.

Making money on playing games: How Shinboi makes 4 times more than he spends

Shinboi started his experience on our website in May 2019 by participating in a free tournament. After the try-out, he made a deposit to enter the paid competitions.

As you can see from the screenshot below, during the first days he played in 10 paid tournaments and 5 free ones. However, he left the platform after 6 active days.

Making money on playing games real example

In the summer, the player unexpectedly received 2 deposits:

  • $5 for a win in the free tourney.

  • $15 for the paid one.

Thus, he got to the top in 1 out of 10 paid games and in 1 out of 5 free ones. Undoubtedly his results were really impressive and he could have won even more if he kept playing in the free tournaments at least.  

But let’s go back to the screenshots. As we may suppose, $20 deposit demonstrated to Shinboi that it was quite possible to make some cash on playing video games. Particularly PUBG in our case. 

In September, he spent 9 active days trying to justify his expenses and took part in 19 contests, including 9 paid ones.

how to earn money on gaming

Those tourneys deposited the Canadian with additional $33. And again the player's coefficient was quite high:

  • He has won in 3 out of 10 free tournaments which gave him $3.

  • And became a winner in 1 out 9 paid contests. That made him $30.

In the end, Shinboi made $44 after playing 34 games in total. It means that each tournament saved him $1.5.

According to the guy's account, he:

  • Invested $10 into the platform.

  • Won $53 ($8 on the free games, $45 on the paid ones).

  • Spent $19 to participate in the paid games. 

  • Received $44.

making money on gaming real example


Why were Shinboi's games more gainful than W0nnaFight's?  The reason is obvious: Shinboi constantly took part in paid contests with bigger prize pools.

As a matter of fact, it’s pretty cool that each contest could be profitable even if it's a free one. On the condition that you have wins of course.