earn on pubg tourneys

Long story short, the case of LatviaFox perfectly demonstrates how it’s possible to earn money on PUBG tourneys without making any investments. Want to know how much precisely? Then, please, continue reading.

How to make $30 with PUBG — and at no cost

If you like PUBG, then you certainly play the game. Maybe for having fun, pleasure or just to distract yourself. However, with our platform you can earn some extra cash on the game.

LatviaFox registered on our website at the end of November. The initial 9 contests let him win $8, as shown in the screenshot below.

earn on free pubg tourneys

Seeing that he was doing good, the guy continued to actively play until he received the first $30. It happened in about 2 months since the registration.

All in all, it took him 43 contests to collect $31. It means that 1 tourney saved him $0.7 on average, which is by the way far less than Shinboi’s $1.5 for a tournament.

Note that LatviaFox was very consistent and did not make any significant breaks. Most likely it contributed to the success as well because persistence usually pays off.

Totally he participated in:

  • 42 free tournaments;

  • 1 paid competition.

37% of his contests resulted in a win. Typically the player received $1, less often   $4, and quite rarely $2, $3 and $5 respectively. Please, check out the details in the chart below. 

Lately we’ve discovered that basically there are 3 types of players on the website:

Reactiq Coins (RCs) and what they stand for

Starting from this week, you will be receiving coins additionally to real cash prizes. The bigger your win is, the more coins you receive. 

For example, we deposit you with 150RC for winning in a paid competition. Every 1000 RC is equal to $1 and can be exchanged into real money. 

Let’s find out how much coins LatviaFox would have earned on his tournaments.

earn coins on pubg

Relative to free matches, we award players with:

  • 10RC for joining a contest;
  • 70RC for getting to TOP-3;
  • 50RC for places from 4-10.

It means LatviaFox would have received an additional 1080RC ($1) for 16 tournaments including 1 paid one.

As weird as it may seem, we should also add to this the player's results for failures:

  • 10RC for participating in a contest;
  • 30RC for places from 11 to 55;
  • 10RC for places from 55 to 100.

On average, every failure would have given LatviaFox 30RC. Based on the fact that he lost in 27 matches, another 810RC has to be added to the previously calculated amount.

So, the player would have received an additional 1890RC or about $1.9 for all the games he took part in.

The main advantage of the coin system is that it should help our players to save more funds.

Shortly we will be sharing more details about our new coin system. Just follow the updates in our social networks and in the blog.