How to win money in pubg tournament

Some people do not believe that we are paying. They think it's all fake. Even despite the fact that we try to make our platform as transparent as possible. For example, anyone who visits our website can see all the tournaments results including: 

  • tournament type and date;

  • full participants list with top 10 winners;

  • the amount of money earned.

Moreover, we do not have any hidden costs. Participation in paid tournaments costs $1. And you can play for free in FREE tournaments.

How our user earned $30 while spending nothing

To get all the doubts cleared, we’ve decided to show you how it works using an example of one of our players with the nickname APOSIMZ.

His playing history is noteworthy because just the other day he withdrew $30 and spent nothing. The lucky player made all his money just by participating in FREE competitions. Isn’t that awesome?

As we see from the guy’s profile, he started playing on October 25, 2019, and claimed his winnings for the first time on December 14, 2019. 

Below you can see a screenshot from our administrative dashboard.

pubg tournaments results dashboard

As is evident from the screenshot, the player participated in 10 free tournaments before he hit the jackpot. He received $2 deposit for that win.

Thereafter APOSIMZ started winning the tournaments much easier. You can see it on the following image:

pubg tournament win money

Thus, in total:

  • APOSIMZ participated in 29 PUBG tournaments before his balance reached $30.

  • He ranked among the top 10 results in 11 competitions.

  • The guy was constantly playing during 2 months. 

  • He didn’t pay even once.

Here's the screenshot of his money withdrawal:

pubg tournament money withdrawal


This case study shows that any dedicated PUBG player can do that. And it's possible to earn even more by taking part in paid PUBG tournaments with bigger prize pools.

By the way, if you used to play on our platform, please share your experience in the comments below.

Happy playing!