PUBG money winnings on Reactiq

The case of AHK1993 is pretty simple. We can even call it classic.

Here’s what he did:

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«АНК1993»: How our user won $30 after 4 tourneys 

He learned about us from his friend.

As is seen from the screenshot below, this user joined a free tournament immediately after registration and then decided to make a deposit.

PUBG tournament winnings on Reactiq

Perhaps, the guy wanted to play more but according to our rules you can participate in just one free tournament per day. The deposit let him continue playing and that’s what he did by joining a paid competition. 

The next day, he took part in 2 more tournaments. However, after that AHK1993 didn't visit the website till December.

We notified him that he won a prize on December 14th and he claimed his winning literally within one hour.


  • AHK1993 spent $5.

  • Took part in 4 competitions: 2 free tournaments and 2 paid ones.

  • Has won more than $30 in less than one month.

earn while playing pubg

Apart from that, he received additional $1 bonus for sharing a review about our platform. At this stage we highly appreciate all the reviews and comments that our users leave. 

If you are an active user of Reactiq, you can share your opinion and get a reward as well. Just let us know about it.


Any successful relationship with customers is ultimately going to be built on trust. And that’s what we are striving for by publishing such case studies. 

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