Get free coins while playing video games

Just recently Reactiq has introduced a new "coin system" to the website. It means that starting from this month our players will be earning coins together with real money. No doubt that the largest amount of RCs (Reactiq coins) will be deposited for winning a tournament.

But fortunately there are some other and much easier ways to get free coins while playing.

3 easy ways to get coins while playing video games

We've decided to let our users get free coins for specific actions apart from participating in a competition or winning it.

Thus, you will be additionally awarded for:

  1. Updating your profile data.

In case that you haven't specified your personal information while registering, you can update your profile now and receive 100RC as an award.

  1. Connecting your Twitch account.

You can easily receive 100RC for connecting your Twitch account. 

  1. Making a deposit.

A deposit lets you take part in paid tournaments with bigger prize pools. Each time when you add funds to your account, you receive additional 100RC.

The main advantage of our coin system is that it helps our users to earn more funds. 

Note that in a short while you'll be able to exchange your coins to real cash, so start saving now. Follow us to stay updated.