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Posted on 13/02/2020

The case of LatviaFox perfectly demonstrates how it’s possible to earn money on PUBG tourneys without making any investments. But this time we will also find out how much one can make IN COINS while playing for free.

Posted on 06/02/2020

Last week we discovered that one of our users makes $0.8 on every game he plays. Today we're taking a look at a Canadian player who makes about $1.5 on every PUBG tournament meaning that he is twice as effective. And here's why.

Posted on 30/01/2020

It took our user 35 free PUBG contests to save $30. So each competition saved him $0.8 on average. But let's have a look at more details.

Posted on 25/01/2020

With each new competition his win rate increased, letting him raise money once every 3-4 tournaments. Taken all together, Deuz_G received $1 in 28% of contests and $5 in 7%. More rarely his winnings resulted in $2 (1.4%).

Posted on 15/01/2020

PUBG corp reveals a new Karakin map for Season 6 which is currently available on the test server. And it looks like it'll replace Vikendi.